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Medical Doctor Program (MD)

The aim of the Programme is to prepare Medical Doctors who are competitive on the local and international market, highly qualified, morally grounded, with appropriate competences, who will be able to satisfy educational requirements of an open society, which facilitates implementation of the CU’s general mission: to graduate competitive, highly qualified, morally grounded graduates who are faithful to democratic values and principles of democracy.

6500 USD
Higher Education
Information Of Course
Duration Time
6 Years
6500 USD
  • Secondary education
  • Copy OF valid passport
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (B2 Level)
  • Recorded Video Interview

Educational programme is focused on the standards of Medical Education of the World Federation (WFME). The programme provides development of such practical /clinical abilities and way of thinking which is essential for a successful professional activity and post-diploma lifelong education. CMS Students will have an opportunity to use educational clinical bases and/ or laboratories. One-cycle educational programme “Medical Doctor” is learner-centered, designed in the ECTS credit system and based on a student workload necessary for achievement of the programme learning outcomes. Program objectives: • To give international standard education of evidence based medicine which is indispensible for practical medical work; • To provide the graduates with education in basic, clinical, behavioral and social sciences necessary for practical activities in the field of medicine; • To generate motivation for the continuous medical education and professional development; • To gain the knowledge of legislative basics of the health care system; • To acquire clinical and communication (with the patient, her\his family, colleagues and other representatives of the health care) skills and patient-centered competences; • To acquire values of Medical Ethics (sense of respect of patients, taking into consideration their interests despite their social, cultural, religious and ethnical background; work in accordance with the professional ethics).

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6500 USD

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