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General Medicine (MD)

Goal of the program is to prepare highly qualified bachelors of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, who will be able to work in local and international level general hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, resorts, medical tourism agencies, sports clubs, preventive medicine centers, fitness centers, etc. Multi profile education of international standards will promote employment of graduates at wide range areas and effective application of their knowledge. Program content is based on WHO recommendations.

What Will You Learn?

The program consists of theoretical and laboratory teaching, as well as practice, which is implemented within the courses based on the thematic direction. Theoretical lectures can be concurrently conducted in two and more groups. A semester offers clinical rotations of medical profiles that consider daily and intensive teaching and is organized as in the university campus as well as in the affiliated medical institutions. The students’ number in laboratory and practical groups is not more than 15. The practical training is conducted using mentor system, as for the evaluation of clinical and professional skills the structured (integrated) evaluation system in simulation and clinical setting is used.

6000 USD
Higher Education
Information Of Course
Duration Time
6 Years
6000 USD
  • High school / secondary education (or higher)
  • Copy of valid Passport
  • languages: English
Course Price Display
6000 USD

Course Features

Language of instruction English
Anatomy Room equipped
Research Laboratory of Neuroscience and Applied Physiology
Students are able to conduct experiments on animals
Life Science Center
Modern infrastructure and technology

Lessons Of Course