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Georgian Aviation University

Higher Education

Industrial Practice and Job Placement for Students

In order to enhance theoretical knowledge, third and fourth year students undergo practical training in aviation related companies. These training are supervised by leading specialist of the companies. Theoretical and practical knowledge shown towards profession is prerequisite for student's job lacement. Job placement field for aviation specialist is diverse: Air companies, airports, air navigation, Tbilaviamsheni, Civil Aviation Agency and etc


Georgia has an immense tradition when it comes to Aviation Industry. We have always been aware that the strong aviation plays a big part in country’s strength and development. For this and many other reasons, in 1992, Aviation educational-scientific institute was founded in Georgian Technical University.

In 2005, based on a Government decree, the institute was separated from the Technical University and was established as an independent, Georgian Aviation University.

Shortly after its establishment the Aviation University has prepared number of pilots and aviation specialists, the largest part of whom are employed at the civil and military aviation sectors and has become a worthy fulfillment for Georgian civil aviation sector.

Nowadays, the university has a strong material-technical base, comfortable training laboratories, and in order to perform practical trainings of future pilots and aviation specialists maintains Telavi Airport, which is well equipped with modern infrastructure and technologies, airplanes: Cessna 152, Piper Seneca, A-22, Boeing 737-200 and FNPT II MCC flight simulators (for fixed wing and helicopter), which is according to EASA standards.

GAU graduates successfully implement their duties in local and international aviation companies. Vast majority hold leading and key positions at the air companies, airports, Tbilaviamsheni, Georgian Civil Aviation Agency and etc.

Honored professors and teachers, experienced flight instructors and professional assisting staff of the field are supporting educational process in the university and their huge efforts have become the base of excellent educational environment. The university's core values include discovering, preserving and disseminating knowledge; Helping students to fully realize their potential in different directions; Also, freedom of thought and expression as well as freedom from discrimination.

The University runs faculties of flight training, engineering and business administration on bachelor, master and doctoral levels. Also, vocational education programs, international aviation trainng center and etc. 

GAU implements bachelor programs with following major:

  • Flight Exploitation of Aircraft (Commercial Pilot)
  • Technical Exploitation of Aircraft
  • Aircraft Design and Manufacture
  • Technical Exploitation of Aircraft Avionics and Electrical Systems
  • Technical Exploitation of Flight Aiding Ground Radio Technical Means
  • Information Technologies and Control Systems
  • Air Transport Management etc. 
  • Accounting

Master programs with following major:

  • Technical Exploitation of Aircraft
  • Aircraft Design and Manufacture
  • Technical Exploitation of Aircraft Avionics and Electrical Systems
  • Information Technologies and Control Systems
  • Air Transport Management etc.
  • Financial Accounting and Control

Doctoral programs with following major:

  • Aircraft Design
  • Air Transport Exploitation

Vocational programs:

  • Commercial Pilot
  • Aircraft Maintenance B1 
  • Aircraft Maintenance B2 

Student Activities

One of the most important parts in university life is student self-governance. They take part in university's academic, scientific and sporting events. 

Students are able to display their interests, talents and knowledge at scientific conferences. Moreover, GAU has football (soccer), basketball and rugby teams that are successfully competing in outdoor and indoor university competitions.